Discover VIEVE lipsticks and dupes

Hello, fellow lipstick fashionistas!

Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of a new brand into the collection – VIEVE Beauty, the brand launched by makeup guru Jamie Genevieve. You can browse the lipsticks, lip glosses and other lip products and find dupes for VIEVE Beauty! Read further to find out how.

VIEVE is all about self-expression and oh, that super classic nude

The VIEVE lipstick range doesn’t boast any of the classic players one might see in a lipstick launch. Where are my classic Parisian reds? Or autumnal berry vamps? Or those dusky husky English rose beauty mauves? The collection is a pared down colour palette of light, fairly neutral nudes that range from light beige to light chocolate. Unfortunately, I cannot myself comment on the inclusivity of this nude range because I do squarely fall into one of the lighter shade ranges and while on one hand five shades does sound quite limited, but the brand has certainly made inclusivity as part of their brand identity so I hope they have spent their product development dollars where their mouth is. We shall see. I will keep an eye for the reviews as they roll in.

VIEVE Modern Matte Lipstick colour. Source – VIEVE website screenshot.

VIEVE – the brand’s name has a lovely French tinge – is by no means the only brand launch that has attempted to ride the nude look into lipstick fame. We still remember the Jaclyn Hill Lipsticks launch (lots to remember about this launch – but it was mostly nude themed as well!) and KKW Beauty which has heavily capitalised on nudes. And who could forget Natasha Denona and her I Love A Nude lipstick line.

Find VIEVE Lipstick Dupes and Similar Lipsticks from Other Brands

The VIEVE Modern Matte Lipstick and the VIEVE Modern Matter Lip Liner are now part of the Brand Gallery Browser and Dupes Finder, which means that you can now find colour matches for VIEVE lipsticks and match the product colours across brands.

Match VIEVE lipsticks and lipliner colours across brands and find dupes. Source –

Clicking “Find match for current selection” in the VIEVE Brand Browser on will take us directly to the search results, which will show close colour matches to VIEVE’s Comin’in Haute from other brands.

Looking at the search results, it seems that MAC’s Matte Lipstick in Honeylove and Revolution Beauty’s Piece of Cake 101 are close in colour, but because the current colour search algorithm only takes into account the dominant colours in the swatch and because computer screens can sometimes display colours very differently, one should always double check the actual appearance of any potential colour matches and dupes by searching for images of swatches.

Colour matches for VIEVE’s Comin’ in Haute across brands. Source – dupes finder.

Instead of having to paginate through search results, we can conveniently display all of the closest colour matches to VIEVE’s Comin in Haute here.

Colour matches to VIEVE’s Comin in Haute across various brands. Source –

Find VIEVE Lipstick Colour Matches in Lipgloss or Liquid Lip Format

Although matte lipsticks can be great for many occasions, sometimes one may want to try a similar colour in a lipgloss or a liquid lip format (or perhaps a satin lipstick?). You can use to find colour matches for VIEVE lipsticks in all other lip product formats as well. Here is how!

Navigate to the Dupes Finder and type in VIEVE into the Brand box and Comin’ in Haute into the colourname. Make sure you check the “Match on colour only” checkbox, which will tell the colour search algorithm to try and find colour matches to Comin in Haute not in just other matte lipsticks but across all of the products (satin lipsticks, liquid lips in the database).

Checking Match on colour only will find colour matches for VIEVE’s Comin’ in Haute across lip glosses, liquid lips etc. Source –

The results will be displayed in a similar fashion to our original dupes search.

Colour matches for VIEVE Comin’ in Haute across lipglosses, shimmery lipsticks and other lip products. Source –

However, a word of caution here – the colour search algorithm we use at the moment is most accurate for matching matte lipsticks to matte lipsticks and the quality of results goes down when trying to match matte lipsticks to say sheer lipsticks or lip glosses, because the natural lip pigment of the wearer will influence a lot how the final colour of the gloss or sheer lipstick will look . Hence, please always double check the colour matches produced on against swatches!

Hopefully this post was helpful to anyone exploring the new lip products from VIEVE beauty!

How to find similar lipstick shades across brands?

Photo by Liana Mikah

Has your favourite lipstick been discontinued? Want to try your favourite
nude in a liquid lip format instead of a lipstick? Have a particular shade of purple
in mind, but don’t know which brand carries a purple lipstick! Not to worry! There are plenty o
resource online to help you find your new holy grail.

In this article, we’ll show you how to use the lipstick finder to match a lipstick colour across brands. We will start by searching for dupes of MAC’s classic matte lipstick Russian Red!

Navigate to and pick “Dupes” from the menu. This will open a new page with a Dupe Finder.

Type in the brand of the colour you wish to match and the colourname. In this case, we are interested in Russian Red by MAC.

If you are just interest in finding potential dupes that match both the colour and the product type and the finish (in the case of MAC’s Russian Red, the dupe finder only shows you results that are also matte lipsticks, but won’t, for example, show you results that match Russian Red in colour, but are say liquid lipsticks or lip glosses), you don’t have to do anything else here.

However, in this case, we want to see colour matches or colour dupes for Russian Red across all possible products: lip pencils, lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and so forth. So we’re going to check the “Match on colour only” box. This will give us colour matches across brands and different lip colour products. You can see the results for yourself here!

Dupes for MAC’s Russian Red

You can scroll down the page to see candidate dupes and note them down. Be sure to check out swatches from the brand and manufacturer’s websites, because colour representation can vary from monitor to monitor. You can also see a grid-like view comparing the colours here.

Hopefully this little primer on finding similar lipstick shades across brands was helpful to you! Let us know in the comments!