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Beauty edits are coming!

Be your own beauty editor and share your lipstick collections with others! Hey everyone! It’s Camilla here. Hope you are all having a good (or at least an ok) start to 2022. Dropping in to give you a bit of an update on a feature that I am working on for Lipstick Beauty Edits! […]

Discover VIEVE lipsticks and dupes

Hello, fellow lipstick fashionistas! Today, we’re excited to announce the addition of a new brand into the collection – VIEVE Beauty, the brand launched by makeup guru Jamie Genevieve. You can browse the lipsticks, lip glosses and other lip products and find dupes for VIEVE Beauty! Read further to find out how. VIEVE […]

How to find similar lipstick shades across brands?

Has your favourite lipstick been discontinued? Want to try your favouritenude in a liquid lip format instead of a lipstick? Have a particular shade of purplein mind, but don’t know which brand carries a purple lipstick! Not to worry! There are plenty oresource online to help you find your new holy grail. In this article, […]

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Hi, I’m Camilla! I’m a software engineer by day and a lipstick hacker by night! I enjoy making digital products that expand and augment human creativity – in makeup and in all other walks of life!

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