Find a lipstick using hex colour codes – now live!

Hello everyone! We’re happy to announce that we’ve shipped a highly requested feature: now you can find and discover lipcolours on using hex colour codes. For those of you who have your favourite hex colour code at hand and want to dive right into searching for lipsticks using hex colours, head over to, input your favourite hex colour into the colour picked and see which lipsticks match your colour of choice!

Beauty edits are coming!

Beauty edits are coming!

Be your own beauty editor and share your lipstick collections with others!

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Hey everyone! It’s Camilla here. Hope you are all having a good (or at least an ok) start to 2022. Dropping in to give you a bit of an update on a feature that I am working on for Lipstick Beauty Edits!

One thing that I’ve been sorely missing from various makeup apps and websites is the ability to be inspired by what other folks in the beauty space are buying, curating or reviewing – a Polyvore (a collage fashion app from the early to mid 00s ) meets Pinterest but with a special makeup (or lipstick, in this case) twist.

I enjoy Pinterest, but would love to have a digital space that is more specifically geared towards makeup, with specific features for analyzing and cataloguing makeup and sharing what I like with others in the makeup space. Reddit, of course, is another great arena for makeup discussion and sharing reviews, but it’s still very much rooted in a traditional text-based forum world and doesn’t have some of the visual features that I’d love to see from a lipstick or makeup specific app.

Anyway, the current space of makeup tech, beautytech and makeup apps could probably fill a dozen blogs and books, so I won’t go any further into the topic here (but do let me know in the comments if you’d like to see more content about makeup apps), but just to say (in a very longwinded way) – that the ability to create your own beauty edits (either private or public) is coming soon. If you’d love to be an early beta user of the feature, (you’d totally make my day), please let me know in the comments or sign-up for the mailing list here.

To illustrate how this feature is going to look, here are some early prototypes I made.

My Lips But Better (MLBB) Shades for Olive Skintones

Reddit is a great resource for anyone looking for shade recommendations (even though sometimes it can be hard to know if the person recommending something is of the exact same skintone as you are). I’ve been browsing various threads on skintone specific subreddits such as r/OliveMUA to see what folks are recommending, but was missing a visual overview of all of the recommended shades. I parsed the thread and combined it with a product dataset to create the edit here (also depicted in the screenshot below). Any such collections should obviously come with a disclaimer to say that not every one of these shades will be perfect for someone with olive undertones since there is a lot of variation in olive undertones, but hopefully something like this could serve as a good starting point for finding a good MLBB shade, as inspiration or just as a fun past time curating makeup.

A beauty edit depicting some of subreddit r/OliveMUA’s favourite MLBB lipsticks for skin with olive undertones

Coral Lipsticks

A common way that many users find is by trying to find a lipstick in a certain shade, say ochre or light blue. In fact, the origin story of is very closely tied with this problem of trying to find a perfect quirky or even slightly more unusual shade of lipstick. Back in 2018, I was living in London and inbetween bouts of loneliness that tend to occur when living in a hyperbusy, hyperexpensive city where most of one’s life revolves around the commute-work-commute cycle, I started a hobby of trying out more eccentric or editorial makeup looks. One summer, I was really into yellow and wanted to discover a lipstick in a specific shade of yellow to match a look I was planning, but quickly gave up after browsing many retailers catalogs and not finding what I was looking for. It struck me, that with a bit of code and approximation, it might be possible organize vast swatch and colour libraries into a format that would be more easily navigable by someone else who, like me, would be looking for a specific lipstick shade. Thus was born the idea of searching for lipstick with a colourwheel.

This colourwheel is by no means perfect, though and I thought it might be nice to also offer an option to see collections curated by other users or automatically curated by specially trained machine learning algorithms for particular colour options such as coral lipsticks (which are great for summer and spring!)

A collection of coral lipsticks from

Let me know what you think about the new edits and if you’d be willing to be an early user!